Unit 29 at 2017 Carnival Standby

Thank you for your interest in our squad!

(For applicants under the age of 18, please see the Cadet Program information below)

Our organization is always looking for individuals who are interested in committing their time to better serving our community.

Our squad is responsible for providing basic life support coverage to our township 24/7/365 – while remaining a volunteer squad, so you’ll never receive a bill from us.

We provide training, equipment, uniforms, and a sense of community – and we do expect a lot in return.

Our members sacrifice their time and energy to help friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Often at the worse possible moment in someone’s life; we have to perform at our very best.

The work is demanding, both physically and mentally, but ultimately rewarding in knowing that we make can make a difference in a life.

After receiving initial training in how we operate, most applicants will continue on to EMT school in order to obtain a NJ state certification.  This is a challenging 220 hour course designed to teach emergency medical care at a basic life support level.

If you think you have what it takes to join us, please follow the instructions below.  Membership may not be for everyone, but we’re certainly glad you have read this far about what we do!

Cadet Program:

For those under the age of 18, we offer a cadet program, working with students to find a way for them to volunteer while also working around their school schedule.  Cadets will participate in training and community service events, in addition to responding to emergency calls.

Next Steps:

1.  Fill out the correct application available through the links below.

2. Submit the application to the Squad House in a sealed envelope labeled “Membership”.  Please ensure that you complete all fields.

Upon receipt of your application, the Membership Officer will contact you to set up an interview to discuss the next steps.

MTFAS Adult Application

MTFAS Cadet Application

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Thank you,
Membership Committee
Montville Township First Aid Squad